Dashboard Warning Lights in Nashville, TN

Dashboard Warning Lights in Nashville, TN

You're driving down the highway with the radio playing in the background, when suddenly a dashboard warning light comes on. What do you do? While there are a variety of warning lamps and indicators on Ford models, it's important to know that basics in order to stay safe on the road. Though some lights simply indicate that a system is turned on or off, other warning lights let you know that something is seriously wrong with your car. 

Service Engine Soon

Sometimes referred to as the "Check Engine" light, this indicator lets you know that the On Board Diagnostics system (aka your engine's computer) has detected a problem with the emissions control system. When it blinks, that means your engine cylinders are misfiring, though if it stays on you may have a faulty O2 sensor or catalytic converter.


Much like the ABS warning light, the brake warning light can be very serious. This light means that the parking brake may be engaged or that your brake fluid level is low. Without brake fluid, it may be difficult to slow or stop your car.

Engine Oil

Engine oil may be leaking from your car if you see this light, but it can also indicate that oil isn't circulating properly. You should stop as soon as possible if you see this light come on, as you may need an inspection, repairs, and an oil change.

Warning Lights Icons 


The battery light lets you know that there is an issue with the electrical system. While the battery is the source of electrical power for many components, this light may indicate that your alternator is malfunctioning or that wires are corroded.

Engine Coolant Temperature

This light lets you know that your engine is getting too hot. You should pull over immediately if this light comes on, as it can be very dangerous to overheat your engine. The light may mean there is a clog or leak in the cooling system.

Visit Two Rivers Ford if you see a warning light you don't recognize or if you need experts to take a look at your car. 

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